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Budweiser's New Proposed Brewery Is Out Of This World (Literally)

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As space travel becomes a progressively simpler process and the need to explore our galaxy becomes greater (especially considering the fact that none of us are sure of how long this planet has left), the space race has heated up in a way that's been practically unseen since the Cold War.

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Since the discovery of water and the possibility of sustainable life on Mars, people have been in a rush to be some of the first ones to set foot on the red planet. NASA has been launching probe after probe to the planet, and private companies like SpaceX are trying to transport some of the first immigrants to Mars as early as within the next few years.


Of course, whenever the idea of moving our way of life to a new planet comes up, there's a lot of questions involved that we currently don't have answers to. Questions like "How can we set up irrigation systems?", "how will we get supplies from Earth?", and, most importantly of all, "how will we be able to get drunk on Mars?"

Well it turns out we might soon have an answer to that last question if nothing else: Budweiser have taken the first step towards their goal of brewing "the first beer on Mars!"

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