Build-A-Bear Is Bringing Back The "Pay Your Age" Sale With A Twist


Build-A-Bear Is Bringing Back The "Pay Your Age" Sale With A Twist

Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you've ever been to Build-A-Bear Workshop, you know just how much fun it is. Even if you go as an adult, watching your kid pick out their new best friend and get to witness them come to life makes it all feel so much more special.

The attention to detail that the company puts in to the process and the story helps your child feel like they are magical. Now the company has found a way to make these custom bears affordable.

Last year they rolled out an event that had people in a frenzy. The thought of paying $35 stuffed animal was a little bit much for some parents and grandparents, especially if they had to worry about more than one kid. It adds up quick! Unfortunately, long lines hampered the day when people could pay their age for a new furry friend. One shopper got in the Build-A-Bear line at her local mall at 7.10am. There was already a line of  50 people waiting.

This year Build-A-Bear Workshop has a new plan for the event!

The way it works is you need to enter into a draw for a ticket to the event. I think it's a great plan to avoid the long lines, store closings, crying children or angry parents which plagued the event last year.

According to Build-A-Bear Workshop, you’ll need to register by June 16 and more than 200,000 people around the world are expected to receive a limited ticket. This will allow you to visit during two redemption periods to make a furry friend. In addition, 10 people will win the grand prize of a birthday party experience valued at up to $250.

Click On The Image To Enter For A Ticket

Here's How:

  1. Sign in to your Bonus Club account. If you’re not a Bonus Club Member, it’s FREE and EASY to join!
  2. Complete the NEW Birthday Profile – it only takes a minute!
  3. Enter for a chance to receive a Pay Your Age ticket (valid select days June 24-28, 2019) or win a birthday party experience valued at $250!

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