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Burned Kitten Reunited With Rescuer After Dramatic Near-Death Experience

** Warning: Content may distress some viewers **

On a dark winter night, Christian Canfield noticed smoke and flames pouring out of a home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

As he walked closer to film the burning house, he witnessed something utterly heartbreaking. With his camera rolling, he watched as a young kitten leaped away from the flames, into the snow and then into his arms.

He was heartbroken to witness this desperate baby in so much agony, so he called her over, scooped her up and carried her to the firefighters for immediate attention.

Watch her rescue below:

In an interview with the CBC, Canfield says she "pretty burned up. You know an old fleece blanket after it's kind of had its life? That's kind of what she felt like."

After Canfield passed the injured kitten to firefighters, that was the last he saw of her.

The frightened kitten was treated for burns to her nose, ear tips and front paws at the Saskatoon SPCA. "She had a lot of injuries. [The clinic] took care of her, they bandaged her up and then she was actually given to us and we monitored her care while she was with us," said spokesperson Tricia McAuly.

Saskatoon SPCA

Canfield never stopped thinking about the little tortie he saved that night. He searched Facebook for any news of the kitten; he hoped that someone would know what happened to her, but no news surfaced.

Meanwhile the SPCA was looking for the kitten's rescuer, but it wasn't until the kitten (now named Scarlett) was featured on their adoption page that Canfield realized she had recovered from her injuries.

Canfield and Scarlett were runited at the SPCA one day before she was due to be adopted by her forever family. Canfield was glad to see that the kitten had recovered and grateful for all the support in reuniting them:

"I'm really glad that there's so many people that wanted to get me and the cat back together for one last reunion," he said. "I'd love to take the cat but I have three already and a dog," he laughed.

Workers named the little survivor Scarlett after Gone With the Wind character, Scarlett O'Hara.

"She's super-affectionate, she's very rambunctious. She's a six-month-old kitten and so she just really wants to cuddle and explore and she's captured everybody's hearts here," said McAuley.

[h/t CBC News]

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