Bus Driver Called A Hero After Helping To Talk A Woman Off A Ledge

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Bus Driver Called A Hero After Helping To Talk A Woman Off A Ledge

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and often from the unlikeliest places. Take Damone Hudson, a bus driver with more than 20 years experience driving in Dayton, Ohio.

You might not think a bus driver is the person you'd want by your side when things get really serious, but Hudson proved himself last month during a pretty scary situation.

While driving his regular route, Hudson noticed what he thought was a woman crossing the Main Street Bridge. In fact, it was a woman who had stepped over the gurdrail, and was ready to jump. Hudson pulled up beside her, and the security camera in his bus caught their dramatic encounter.

In the video, you can hear Hudson asking the woman to come back on his side of the rail. He also told Fox 45 that he said to her "ma'am, you look like you're having a bad day, can I give you a hug?"

Hudson didn't manage to talk the woman back to his side of the railing, but he kept her in place until the police arrived.

You can see the woman captured on Hudson's camera.

People are sharing the incredible video of Hudson's generosity and calling him a hero. Jason Allen, a spokesman for Hudson's company, the RTA, said that he was "one of the best drivers we have."

But Hudson is just glad he could help, and he's sharing a message of support with anyone who might be in the same position as the woman on the bridge.

"Life is a roller coaster," he said, "you go up, you're going to come down. But you've got to  think 'I'm going back up.'"

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