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The Little Metal Pieces On The Pockets Of Your Jeans Serve An Important Purpose


Have you ever wondered why many of your jeans are adorned with tiny metal round things?

They seem like little useless bits of metal that should have been removed after the turn of the century, but these button-like objects are still commonly found on many jeans.  

Once you know why jeans have these circular bits, you'll never want to buy a pair that doesn't have them!

Jeans are the go-to wardrobe essential for both men and women. It's nearly impossible to meet someone who doesn't own a pair of blue jeans.

Looking back through history, everyone wore them, from cowboys to celebrities.

Although jeans have changed over time, the basic design still remains the same.

Known as "rivets," these metal pieces have actually led to the creation of jeans, and when you look back into history, you'll uncover the reason why these rivets have stood the test of time.

In the 1870s, physical laborers wore denim, but they easily fell apart.

One woman was so sick of having to fix her husband's jeans every day or buy a new pair that she unknowingly contributed to fashion history.

Jacob Davis, a tailor, was approached by the wife of a laborer asking if he could make a pair of denim work trousers that wouldn't tear or stretch so easily.

He put rivets on the areas of jeans that would be stretched the most, such as pocket corners and the bottom of the fly. What this did was hold the fabric together, which made the denim last longer.

Once everyone heard about what Davis had done to that pair of trousers, everyone wanted one, so he contacted his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss.

Both of them patented the design of riveted trousers in 1873, and it took almost a century later for their denim to be known simply as "jeans."

How many pairs of blue jeans do you own?

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