Dad's Response To His Daughter's Tantrum Has Everyone Talking

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Dad's Response To His Daughter's Tantrum Has Everyone Talking


As a parent I can tell you that unequivocally, parenting is the hardest job anyone will ever do, period. There is no manual for how to do it properly, and even if there was, it would need to have 10,000 chapters because each and every kid on the planet is different. I have four daughters myself, and I have to deal with each of them in a different way because they all respond differently to different tactics.  

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Parenting has definitively changed over the last decade. I remember when I would get in trouble, I was terrified of what creative punishment my mom or dad would cook up. I knew there would be some yelling, and possibly a little bit of shame. I did learn what not to do if I wanted to stay out of trouble. That's not really "acceptable" anymore, and parents are coming up with different approaches.

One dad, Randy Gaines shot a video of himself speaking to his young daughter about feelings.


He takes a surprising approach to speaking with her when she is clearly upset.

"You can be mad at me, you can be mad at mommy, you can be mad at yourself. Just don't hang onto it for too long because that's when it gets to be a problem," Gaines can be heard telling his daughter.

Check out the video and make your own opinions about his approach to parenting.

One Of The Most Powerful Conversations In My Life

"I think I just watched and listened to one of the most powerful conversations in my life... This man right here. His ability to connect, and to speak from the heart ❤️ Open & honestly... I fell in love with him before we had our girls, but moments like this make me fall even more in love with him... We connect on this level; and my heart explodes when he connects to his girls like this... 💥 ❤️ No yelling. No screaming. Talking. Discussing emotions and why we have such feelings. HEALTHY outlets (walking, running, punching a pillow, etc)... Getting down to the root of the problem. Setting boundaries, because feelings were upset. RESPECTING boundaries, to ensure it doesn't occur again... Parenting which neither of us had growing up. Listening ears as little ones speak. Knowing you are still loved no matter what. Knowing you are enough, always... Our goals as parents are to ensure they do not endure what we did as children... I am so blessed, and so thankful to have this man as my other half. Our girls are blessed to have him as their father. Thank you Randy Gaines for being you!" ❤️😘😍💍💑👨"ðŸ‘©"ðŸ‘§"ðŸ‘§ðŸŒŸ For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: #LoveWhatMatters A Love What Matters Original Video Submitted by D.G.

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Regardless if you agree with him or not, you can't say that his parenting style isn't effective. I am lucky if I can get my kids to stop screaming for mommy long enough for me to change a dirty diaper LOL.

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