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Dad's Response To His Daughter's Tantrum Has Everyone Talking

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As a parent I can tell you that unequivocally, parenting is the hardest job anyone will ever do, period. There is no manual for how to do it properly, and even if there was, it would need to have 10,000 chapters because each and every kid on the planet is different. I have four daughters myself, and I have to deal with each of them in a different way because they all respond differently to different tactics.

The Sun

Parenting has definitively changed over the last decade. I remember when I would get in trouble, I was terrified of what creative punishment my mom or dad would cook up. I knew there would be some yelling, and possibly a little bit of shame. I did learn what not to do if I wanted to stay out of trouble. That's not really "acceptable" anymore, and parents are coming up with different approaches.

One dad, Randy Gaines shot a video of himself speaking to his young daughter about feelings.


He takes a surprising approach to speaking with her when she is clearly upset.

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