iPhone Cameras Are Making People Uncomfortable And Their Reasoning Is A Little Ridiculous

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As is the case with any Apple product release, people were lining the streets and swarming the malls for their chance to be the first to get the latest technological marvel.

The iPhone X has been the talk of blogs and news sites for weeks, as a phone which is all screen it was lauded as the great leap forward, and fans were expecting the crystal clear performance that was promised.

Well, sometimes, you shouldn't always get what you wish for.

When users picked up the 'X' they were eager to try out the highly praised camera, supposedly the best on the market. But they weren't prepared for its selfie game!

Even world-class photographers are praising the latest iPhone's camera upgrade!

It's been available for less than a week, but already people have taken the iPhone X across the world to see how powerful it really is.

Austin Mann is a travel photographer who has been using Apple technology to produce his work for years, and when he got his hands on the newest model he flew straight to Guatemala to see what the hyped up camera was really capable of.

Mann said the size of the phone is one of his favorite features, as older models have been "a bit unwieldy" the iPhone X makes it easy to grab your phone and go out on a photo shoot.

The upgraded features include better zoom performance, color and texture perception, high-definition mode, and low light condition pictures.

It's no wonder people are excited to get their hands on one!

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