New Tell-All Claims Camilla Tried To Break Up Prince William and "Pretty Dim" Kate

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New Tell-All Claims Camilla Tried To Break Up Prince William and "Pretty Dim" Kate


One of the most nerve-wracking things about being in a long-term relationship is meeting your partner's parents.

We've all heard of horror stories involving those "monster-in-laws," and while we hope most of them come around, it can take a lot of wooing to do so.

As you can imagine, the royal family would be extensively more critical of their children's spouses, especially when it comes to Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, who's expected to eventually become the future Queen of England.

While we're all aware of the infamous feud between Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales wasn't the only one Prince Charles' second wife didn't take a shine to.

According to the tell-all, Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne, Camilla didn't initially take a shine to Kate.

Although the pair get along now, the book's author Christopher Andersen claims they had trouble to get along, as the Duchess of Cornwall thought the mother-of-three was "pretty, but rather dim" and disapproved of her commoner background.

She allegedly believed Kate was "too lowly" to join the royal family, and supposedly tried to break the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to break up, by asking Prince Charles to convince his son to end the relationship.

Anderson also stated Camilla was jealous of the younger couple, and feared their popularity would surpass that of herself and Charles.

Camilla temporarily got her wish when William and Kate briefly broke up in early 2007.

After dating for about five years, the couple decided to part ways after William graduated as an army officer.

Although Clarence House refused to address the reports, in 2010 His Royal Highness was asked about their breakup in an ITV interview about their recent engagement.

"We were both very young," William told the station's then-political editor, Tom Bradby.

"It was at university, we were sort of both finding ourselves as such and being different characters and stuff, it was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up."

"It was just sort of a bit of space and a bit of things like that, and it worked out for the better," William continued, which was echoed by Kate.

"I think I... at the time wasn't very happy about it, but actually it made me a stronger person," she added.

"You find out things about yourself that maybe you hadn't realized, or I think you can get quite consumed by a relationship when you are younger and I really valued that time for me as well although I didn't think it at the time. Looking back on it."

Fortunately the pair reconnected and tied the knot on April 29, 2011, and welcomed Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis shortly after.

Talk about a roller coaster of a courtship!

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