Can You Spot The 12 Elite Soldiers Hidden In This Photo?


Can You Spot The 12 Elite Soldiers Hidden In This Photo?

The British Army's Household Cavalry - the Queen's official bodyguards - are the best of the best, and it's easy to see why in this photo. Actually, it's pretty hard to see.

The Cavalry is in Brunei for a month for what they call "Close Target Training," and to remember their trip they've taken this group photo. There are 12 soldiers hidden in this photo (yes, we promise there really are) showing off their expert camouflage skills.

If you can spot just 3 of the men in this photo before checking the answer below, consider yourself an honorary Cavalry member.

Given up yet? There's a reason these soldiers are recognized for their skills around the world.

Did you know that both Prince William and Prince Harry were in the Cavalry? James Blunt, the famous musician, was also a member. He would've been a perfect fit for the famous Musical Ride, the horse riding display set to music that the Cavalry performs.

Okay, you'll hurt your eyes if you keep staring any longer. Check the answers below and see how many you spotted.

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