Can You Spot What's Wrong With This Job Ad?

People have been talking about the gender wage gap for decades. Most reports show that on average a woman will make about 78% of a man's pay. Many people disagree or try to explain it away, but one company hasn't even tried to hide it.

In a recent job posting Delta Staffing Services outlined the requirements of potential job applicants. They described the job and gave other information including expected wages. There was only one problem.

The pay wasn't equal.


Written in black and white was the inequality that has caused so much anger:

$12 for guys, $11.50 for "ladies".

There was no other difference in the work expected of potential applicants based on gender.

That wasn't the only controversial thing about the job posting. In the initial version the job asked for "people of Asian or European descent" but that line was removed because of comments it was racist.

Apparently they didn't think unequal pay for equal work was offensive though.

The post has been edited by Delta Staffing and now simply reads "$11.50+" which may still indicate they plan to pay women less.

The job, located in Ontario, Canada, is still available to applicants.

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