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She Won The Over A Million In The Lottery, But Her Good Luck Wasn't Done Yet


If you or anyone close to you has gone through rounds of chemotherapy, you know that there's one miracle you always look forward to.

Diane Bishop from St. John's, Canada, who has Stage 4 breast cancer, was waiting for that health miracle.

Bishop's cancer had spread to her pelvic bone and lungs, so her last resort was to go to Toronto and receive a new form of treatment. As a single mother with two sons, her battle with cancer has taken a toll on the whole family.

She couldn't afford to quit her job and focus on her health because she could barely afford to pay her mortgage; however, with the help of her community she was able to raise enough money to help pay for the experimental treatments in Toronto.

A few weeks later, she had an urge to spend $20 on a Super Set for Life scratch ticket.

"Something said, 'Buy a ticket' that day. I can't explain it," Bishop told CBC.

Diane Bishop and her two songs, who are in their 20s.CBC

Soon after, she learned that she'd won $1.5 million.

"This money wasn't about going out and buying a new house or taking trips," said Bishop. "This was about survival. I can survive now, and my kids can survive."

"It's like this big ball of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The stress is gone, the anxiety of being sick, I know I can't beat Stage 4 because you're a ticking time bomb, but it's given me hope that maybe it can go dormant for awhile ... and I can live my life," she added.

But then something even more miraculous happened...

A few weeks after winning the lottery, the doctors told Bishop that her chemotherapy is working!

"And all I kept saying is, 'I'm not going to Toronto, I'm home for Christmas'."

Bishop hopes to share her wealth with cancer patients like herself. She plans to donate money to Daffodil Place, a non-profit that supports cancer patients who travel for treatment.

Although her illness is not fully curable, Bishop has peace of mind.  

"I got everything I wished for. I can go happy, but I'm just not going yet."

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[Source: CBC]

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