Carey Hart Posts Video Of His Daughter With Gun To Annoy "The Parent Police"


Carey Hart Posts Video Of His Daughter With Gun To Annoy "The Parent Police"

We're shared enough stories about celebrity "mom shaming" to drive home the point that parents are a judgmental bunch.

If a celebrity posts a picture of themselves out in public with their family, it's an easy bet that someone, somewhere will take issue with it. And no one knows that better than pop singer Pink and her husband, Carey Hart.

Just recently, the couple have been criticized for letting their little ones, seven-year-old Willow and two-year-old Jameson, ride around on a dirt bike without helmets.

Hart, a former motorcycle racer, apparently has no regrets about the dangerous behavior, and actually poked fun at the "parent police" by posting a snapshot of the ride on social media.

Carey Hart Pink family
Hart teased other parents about his "unsafe" family bike ride.Carey Hart - Instagram

"Stuffed the whole family on my bike, with out [sic] helmets, and we were hitting all the jumps. What you think parent police?"

Most of Hart's fans assumed he was joking (the bike doesn't seat four, especially when it's hitting jumps, and Willow is wearing a helmet in other photos from his page) but some commenters had harsh words for him anyway.

"I'm all for fun and happy all went well," one parent wrote. "But, being a mama of a son that sustained a TBI [traumatic brain injury] and will never be the same I'm giving you a little shit about it."

This week, Hart doubled down on his public parenting by sharing a video of Willow shooting a rifle on Instagram.

""I'm raising the kids with knowledge of firearms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them and avoid them in uneducated hands," he said, adding that Willow has been practicing her aim since she was only three.

Despite joking that he was poking "the parent police bear" by sharing his video, most commenters actually gave kudos to Hart for teaching his daughter to shoot.

"You are a great dad," one said.

"Way to go dad taught me to shoot a .22 when I was young. Great father/daughter time!" shared someone else.

"No matter what you do, the parent police will always have something to say," another person told Hart, "you and @pink are amazing parents, continue doing what works for you and your family, let the haters continue hating."

Pink has duked it out with judgmental parents in the past as well, including when she shared a hilariously real photo of herself cooking dinner with Jameson strapped to her chest and Willow climbing over the countertop.

Parents chided Pink for letting her daughter climb near a hot stove.Pink - Instagram

"It's dangerous, simple as that," wrote one concerned parent. "Are you kidding me?" another chimed in. "Parent police here! Very unsafe!"

While Pink didn't weigh in on that particular social media brouhaha, she has urged her fans to be easier on themselves and other parents.

"A really sweet Mama came up [to me] tonight at the grocery store and told me some nice words about how she gets strength from my parenting cause I'm not afraid to f--- up in public," she tweeted in 2017.

"We cried together. It's so hard. Y'all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break."

Carey Hart
Pink and Hart celebrated their 13th anniversary this month.Carey Hart - Instagram

Hart and Pink have obviously found parenting styles that work for them, despite whatever anyone else says, because the couple recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary together.

In an Instagram post earlier this month, Hart gave his "amazing life and family" a shout-out.

"Can't believe it's our 13th wedding anniversary. Who would have thought two misfits like us could pull it off!" he wrote.

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Who do you side with, Pink and Hart or the parent police?

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