Cat Knows Exactly What This Bobby Pin Means And It's Hilarious

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Cat Knows Exactly What This Bobby Pin Means And It's Hilarious

Cats pretend not to care, but apparently when you cheat on them they are not impressed.

For Margot, it just took one small piece of evidence to let her know that her once-faithful human had, in fact, found someone else to spend some time with.

A bobby pin.

Reddit user ThatBluBlockerGuy posted online after his new girlfriend stayed the night in his bed.

"Just started dating a girl after being single for a long time," he wrote online. "My cat was transfixed by the first sight of a bobby pin."


"I'm not sure how long she was looking at it," he wrote. "I walked into my room and Margot was just sitting like that and I still had enough time to get my phone and take a picture. I guess I found it humorous because I haven't had a girl over in years and Margot seemed confused at first."


The man wants everyone to know that his cat didn't actually eat the bobby pin, even though it looks like she tried to in the gif.

It's pretty hilarious that Margot was so concerned about this one tiny bobby pin. But hey, at least she didn't throw up on the girl or anything. Can't imagine that would bode well for the relationship.

Has your pet ever freaked out about a new partner in your life?

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