Cat Named Batman Caught After Five Days On The Run In An Airport

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Cat Named Batman Caught After Five Days On The Run In An Airport

Jessica Brown knows that her two cats have very different personalities. Lily is calm and well-behaved while Batman is wild, and likes to run around for no reason.

So when a TSA agent at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport asked Brown to let Batman out of her cage at a security checkpoint, she asked to be put into a private room. Unfortunately, the airport was understaffed and the guard told her that wouldn't be possible.

Of course, the moment Brown opened the door to Batman's cage, she ran straight up a wall and into the airport's ceiling. This was the beginning of a 5 day game of cat and mouse as the airport's staff chased Batman throughout the building.

The News Tribune

Brown was moving from Seattle to a new home in Washington, D.C, so she had no time to help the airport track down her pet.

To be fair, she had known from the start that letting Batman out was a bad idea.

"[Cats aren't] like dogs," she told the News Tribune, "if they want to get away, they can turn themselves into water."

Seattle Times

The airport put their two wildlife biologists - who spend most of their time keeping birds away from the runways - in charge of catching Batman.

They set up traps in the ceiling, but Sea-Tac is a 3 million square-foot airport, and Brown worried she would never see Batman again.

News Tribune

For 5 days Batman was winning this game of hide and seek. She even managed to steal food from one of the traps without being caught in it.

The biologists asked brown to record herself calling to Batman, and played the recording to lure her out.

Eventually she was caught, and after a checkup with a vet an airport employee escorted her to Washington for an reunion with Brown.

Seattle Times

While this story has a happy ending, Batman doesn't seem to appreciate it. She says she was "very angry," to be caught, and she's been grumpy ever since.

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