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Cat Sent Herself Across The Country Without Her Owner Knowing And We Don't Understand How

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It's a pretty well known fact that cats subscribe to the theory of "if it fits, I sits." Any box, tub, bowl, or any vessel that will fit their body will become their new bed. They especially like hiding in boxes that are mostly closed, so they can jump out at their owners at the last minute.

One owner learned this the hard way after his cat got herself in a tricky situation. She was packing up some boxes in her home to ship to northern Italy, but what she didn't know was that her cat had jumped inside.

She taped up the box while her cat slept inside and unknowingly sent it on a four day long journey, hundreds of miles from home.

The owner lived in Lecce, a city in the "heel" of Italy. She was shipping the box way up to a city in Northern Italy, called Vicenza. It's a nine and a half hour drive if you head straight up, but in the mail it can take longer.

The cat had no idea what was going on...

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