Cat Visits This Shop Every Day Just To Nap

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Cat Visits This Shop Every Day Just To Nap

These days it's not unusual to see someone take their pet to the store, but have you ever seen a cat go shopping by itself?

That's what happens at the Wilko store in Bristol, where a cat - who the employees have named "George" - stops by every day. He's as dedicated as the workers there, and they say he's often waiting outside the building when they open up in the morning.

While George has been visiting them for months, most people have just found out about him and he's become a genuine celebrity online.

As far as the store's employees can tell, George does have an owner. He just likes to visit the store everyday, usually to take a nap. Many customers have mistaken him for a statue or a stuffed cat while he's sleeping, especially because he loves to nap in the toy section.

Maybe his owner just plays lots of loud music, and he needs someplace to get away to for some shuteye.

Fans of George have formed a Facebook group, mainly to share pictures of their idol but also in the hopes they can finally discover who owns him.

While he seems pretty indifferent, some people guess that George goes on his daily trips because he likes all the attention he's been getting. The Wilko isn't the only place he visits either, this famous cat's fans have spotted him at local warehouses and loan shops.

Who may never solve the mystery of George's owner, but maybe part of the fun of this story is wondering why he loves to shop so much. Maybe George was an extreme couponer in a former life.

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