Tyler Baltierra Reaches Breaking Point With Catelynn After 'Unexpected' News

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Tyler Baltierra Reaches Breaking Point With Catelynn After 'Unexpected' News


Anyone who has been following along with Teen Mom knows that Catelynn and Tyler have had their ups and downs. Just a few months ago, Tyler told his mom that he found his wife repulsive after she sat around on the couch all day.

"Is that depressing for you?" his mom asked. "To see her on the couch in a robe all day?"

"No, it's not depressing. No, it's repulsing," Tyler quickly replied. "I think maybe the empathy and sympathy is just sucked dry outta me."


The couple has been through a lot together, giving up their first child for adoption when they were just 16 years old. Years later they welcomed their daughter Nova, after which Catelynn began suffering from post-partum depression. Then recently it was revealed that the couple had suffered a miscarriage. There was just no rest for this couple, who were both battling to keep their mental health in a good place.

But now, after three years of marriage and over a decade of dating, Tyler has decided to put an end to their relationship, at least temporarily, after discovering Catelynn was pregnant again with their third child.

The couple had gone away to a couples therapy retreat, and when they got back, Tyler asked Catelynn if they could have a trial separation.

"I know Tyler has been frustrated in our marriage for a while and has been seeing a therapist," Catelynn said during a voiceover on the most recent episode of Teen Mom.  "He decided he wanted to try living separately for a month. I was devastated, at first, but now that I've started my own therapy, I'm more comfortable with the idea."

"That's why it was so hard for me to even say it because I knew it was the worst possible thing that you could hear," Tyler said.


"I'll work at my stuff and she will work at her stuff," Tyler told his mom in a different segment. "After the month Catelynn can come home to a brand new house, nice and fresh."

Catelynn and Tyler explained the situation to MTV producers and they were very honest in the reasoning.

"Getting pregnant was very unexpected since we still have a lot of work to do on our relationship," Catelynn admitted. "Basically all I want to share with the cameras is that me and you learned that we've been together for so long that it's like "˜Who are you as a person by yourself?' Am I jumping of joy for it? No."


"I don't think any of us are. You took it kind of hard," Tyler added. "The intention is not to bring up your anxiety or to make you feel any of your core wounds."

"But in that moment it did trigger me, it did bring up wounds, it was scary, it was sad, it was hurtful. The things that I've been through, when people saying they want to separate and leave, it seriously does feel like somebody died," Catelynn said. "It's like bringing up the old wounds from my miscarriage, it is traumatic."

While talking to a producer in the car, on her way to get decorations for her gender reveal party, Catelynn admitted she thought the time apart could end up being a good thing.

"I feel like the separation thing is going to be hard but it'd be good for me in a way," she confessed. "Then I have time to really focus on me and Nova. It's always just been like Cate and Ty, Cate and Ty, Cate and Ty. It gives each of us some room to grow on our own."

She also made it clear that this separation is on a trial basis, and it's not pointing to anything bigger.

"We're not getting a divorce or anything," Catelynn clarified. "I was getting super triggered form my childhood trauma stuff. Feeling like he was going to abandon me. I even texted him and asked him 'Is there somebody else?' He said 'What the f***? Do you think that I would cheat on you?' In my heart of hearts, no, but it was just so blindsiding. Like what the f*** is going on?"


In the end, all that matters is that Catelynn and Tyler both find out what makes them truly happy. After all they've been through, a break might actually do them some good.

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Do you think trial separation is the best choice for Catelynn and Tyler?

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