Police Warn About "Catnip Cocktail" That Causes Bizarre Behavior

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Police Warn About "Catnip Cocktail" That Causes Bizarre Behavior

Fairfield Police Department - Facebook / Scott Davidson - Wikimedia

Just when you think you're caught up on all of the dangerous new trends, police share an urgent warning about another one.

This time, the warning comes courtesy of the Fairfield, New Jersey police department, and concerns a strange drink called "Catnip Cocktail."

The product is supposedly an animal sedative, but police say customers are buying it to get high and experience bizarre side effects.

Catnip Cocktail
The strange drink is marketed as a pet sedative, but is not safe for pets.Fairfield Police Department - Facebook

Fairfield police seized 61 bottles of the drink during a raid at a nutrition store last week, and warned the public about the product's unusual side effects in a press release.

In 2018, police responded to a call at a Fairfield mall to find "an individual who was dancing, yelling and generally acting abnormally in front of a hair salon."

Police described the man as experiencing dramatic mood swings, and investigators found six bottles of Catnip Cocktail in his possession.

In November, a 40-year-old man pulled over for dangerous driving was found to be "extremely confused, totally unaware of his surroundings and unable to answer simple questions" by police. They later discovered eight bottles of Catnip Cocktail in his car.

Catnip Cocktail
A police raid on a nutrition store turned up the cocktail, plus illegal handguns and human growth hormone.Fairfield Police Department - Facebook

Other strange incidents linked to the drink led police to the Nutrition Zone store, where they seized dozens of Catnip Cocktail bottles, along with 29 bottles of human growth hormone, other chemicals, several high-capacity handguns, and rifle magazines.

Fairfield Police Chief Anthony Mann called the drink "a very dangerous product" and said "its improper use is on the rise."

Lieutenant Charles Zampino said that drinking the cocktail "gives you a feeling of euphoria" and depresses the nervous system.

Catnip Cocktail
Despite being advertised as a pet sedative, Catnip Cocktail's ingredient list is not safe for pets.Catnip Cocktail

A website for Catnip Cocktail calls the drink "the ultimate mood enhancer for your dogs and cats," but warns it is "NOT approved for human consumption."

The ingredients list for the drink does not include catnip. But it does feature 1,4-butanediol, which the National Drug Intelligence Center warns will metabolize into the "date rape" drug GHB after being ingested.

Catnip Cocktail also contains caffeine, which is toxic to pets.

The man listed as the Nutrition Zone's general manager, John Sirico, 48, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (under New Jersey law) and intent to distribute, along with illegal possession of high-capacity magazines.

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