Smart Kitties Ring This Bell To Get A Treat [Video]

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Smart Kitties Ring This Bell To Get A Treat [Video]

After hundreds of years we finally have proof that you can teach a cat to do tricks. Kind of.

It definitely helps if it's something the cat wants to do anyways. "Lie down," is a good trick to start with, then expert owners can move on to "sleep" and "eat" when their pet is ready.

This owner tried something even more advanced. Like the classic experiment with Pavlov's dog, he started to feed them whenever he rang the bell. Soon, the cats learned how to use the bell and things got out of hand.

I guess this is proof that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. You couldn't train a cat to ring the bell for free in a million years, but if you offer them a treat they could probably learn to drive in a week.

Feel free to try teaching your own cat this trick, just make sure you have enough snacks to go around!

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