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10 Strangest Stories Behind The Birth Of Celebrity Babies

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Celebrity moms have given birth while in the most unusual or uncomfortable circumstances.

Some of them wanted it that way, but for others, it was simply out of their hands.

1. Seth Meyer's wife

Seth Meyers revealed on his titular late night show that his wife, Alexi Ashe, gave birth to their second son, Axel Strahl, in their New York apartment building's elevator.

The expecting 35-year-old mother went into labor before they could reach the lobby of their apartment building.

"My wife just says, 'I can't get in the car. I'm going to have the baby right now. The baby is coming.' I'm just trying to calm her down," he explained to the laughing crowd. "My wife is saying, 'That baby is coming! The baby is out!'"

Seth said his wife "looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants. It was like someone was trying to sneak a baby on a plane!"

2. Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge looks cool, calm, and collected when she's out taking photos with her two children, but most of us have no idea what she had been though before she conceived them.

Most people would call what Kate suffers from morning sickness, but doctors say it's much more serious than that.

Prince William's wife has struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum during each of her pregnancies.

This condition can make you so sick that you have to be admitted to the hospital! Kate was admitted twice for severe dehydration.

Many people believe this is the reason why she had to give birth before her due date.

Now the royal couple are expecting again. It seems like Kate is suffering from the same illness, but hopefully she'll give birth to a healthy baby!

3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and her former hubby Nick Cannon welcomed twins, Moroccan and Munroe, in 2011.

The pop diva reportedly showed up to the hospital wearing "bling" before she gave birth.

If that wasn't over the top, the vocal sensation blasted one of her pop songs when she held the twins in her arms for the first time.

“My wife wanted to make sure that when the babies came out, that they came out not only to a Mariah Carey song, but a live performance from Mariah Carey – her Madison Square performance of Fantasy – so they came out to a round of applause," Nick said.

The stories just get crazier from here...

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