10 Celebrity Kids We Rarely See Or Hear About

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10 Celebrity Kids We Rarely See Or Hear About

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It's not easy being a celebrity parent trying to maintain a normal life.

In fact, most celebrities are against having their private lives commented on and scrutinized, especially when it comes to the lives of their kids.

Here are 10 celebrity kids we rarely see or hear about, and there's a good reason to why these famous parents like to keep it that way.  

1. Sandra Bullock

The dire lengths the Gravity actress has gone through to protect the privacy of her adopted son, Louis, and daughter, Laila, has been definitely exhausting, but necessary.

"Most foster children are in foster care because they were taken from their birth homes under tragic circumstances"”and the last thing I wanted was to bring more harm to her because of the nature of my job," she said in an interview with People.

2. Simon Cowell

The music mogul surprised us all when he announced that he was going to be a daddy in 2013.

What was even more shocking was that Cowell had a secret relationship with his best friend's wife, who decided to keep the baby. We didn't hear or see much from his son, Eric, until the three-year-old appeared helping his dad on X-Factor in 2017.

3. Julia Roberts

The Oscar-winner may be one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but she leads a quiet and reserved life with her three children.

"We try to protect our kids. We just want to have our family life and not have that intruded upon," she told USA Today.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

News didn't break out about Arnold Schwarzenegger having another son until more than a decade after his birth. The former governor of California fathered four children with his long-time wife Maria Shriver. However, no one was aware that he had a fifth child. Turns out he fathered a child with a member of his household staff, Mildred Baena, which then lead to the separation of Schwarzenegger and his wife. Joseph Baena is now 20 years old.

5. Adele

The Someone Like You singer is probably the one celebrity we can all agree on that we want to get to know the most, but that likely won't happen unless we run into her. Adele's son, Angelo Adkins, was given a hefty sum of money after Adele filed a lawsuit against Crobis Images UK over photos of her son.

"It is a matter of profound sadness that many of his milestone moments, such as his first family outing and his first trip to playgroup, were photographed and published worldwide expressly against his family's wishes," a lawyer for the press told a London court. "The parents' view is that these images were of routine, everyday family occasions which the paparazzi has no right to intrude upon, profit from and file away in picture libraries for future reference and use."

6. Eddie Murphy

The messy break up between Mel B and Eddie Murphy led the comedy actor to publicly deny that they had a daughter, but a paternity test later proved that Murphy is in fact the father of Angel Iris.

Here's a photo of her beside her mother(on the left) all grown up.

7. Charlie Heaton

The hottest show on Netflix, Stranger Things, is getting a lot of attention by fans who want to know practically everything about the real lives of their favorite characters. It was recently reported that the TV star shares a son with his ex-girlfriend Akiko Matsuura.

8. Michael Jackson

The "King of Pop" was famously known for shielding his three children from the spotlight. It wasn't until his untimely death that pictures of Michael, Paris, and Prince circulated on social media platforms.

What other celebrity kids do you rarely see or hear about?

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