10 Celebrities Who Had Shotgun Weddings But Are Still Together


10 Celebrities Who Had Shotgun Weddings But Are Still Together

When you think of a shotgun wedding, you think of two people who are trying to make a wrong situation turn into a right one. Usually, these weddings are held out of necessity as opposed to love, and they often end in disaster.

However, there are some couples in Hollywood whose shotgun weddings turned into the best decisions of their lives!

1. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

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Alba and Warren were together for more than a year before they got married, but it was her pregnancy that sealed the deal. The couple was married at a courthouse in a private ceremony when she was eight months pregnant with her daughter, Honor. Now, the couple has been together for eight years and have two children.

2. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

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The Once Upon A Time co-stars dated for two years before Goodwin got pregnant. They were married when she was eight months pregnant, and Goodwin says you could definitely tell.

"We're both Southern so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding. I was afraid I'd fall over," she joked.

One month after their wedding, the couple welcomed their son Oliver. They're still together now, and have another son named Hugo.

3. Savannah Guthrie and Mike Feldman

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The 42-year-old Today Show co-host got married in March of 2014. At the wedding, Guthrie revealed that she and Feldman were expecting their first child, Vale!

"It's funny, 'cause we set the wedding date, I bought my dress, and then I found out," she said. "So I've been doing a little praying that I would fit in it, and it all worked out."

Today, they're still going strong, and welcomed their second child, Charles.

4. James Van Der Beek and Kimberly Brook

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Two months after his divorce from Heather McComb, Van Der Beek married business consultant, Kimberly Brook. One month after the wedding, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Olivia. Seven years later, the couple is still totally in love and are the parents to four children.

5. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

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Beatz and Keys started dating in 2008 and were not taking their relationship too seriously. Then, Keys got pregnant and things changed. The couple got married in July of 2010, and in October of that same year they welcome son, Egypt. Now, they're one of Hollywood's strongest couples and have another son, named Genesis.

6. Mira Sorvino and Christopher Backus

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In 2004, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Mira Sorvino, married her boyfriend, Christopher Backus. Sorvino gave birth to he couple's first child just five months after the wedding. 16 years her junior, no one assumed the marriage would last. However, they are still going strong and have three children together!

7. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett


Wilkinson, a former reality star, and Baskett, a former NFLer, haven't had the smoothest of relationships, but that doesn't mean they've let anything tear them apart. Just weeks after it was announced that Wilkinson was expecting the couple's first child, the duo tied the knot. Six months later, their son was born. In 2014, they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Alijah. The couple has appeared on the reality show Marriage Bootcamp, but are still going strong.

8. Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal

Though her on-screen romance with George Clooney was a whirlwind, Marguiles waited until she was 41 years old to marry the love of her life. Two months after their wedding, Marguiles welcomed their first child, a son named Kieran.

"I feel bad because people objectify him and they're like, 'Oh, your husband is so hot,'" she said. "The truth is, he is unbelievably bright and smart and went to Harvard Law. He's also a remarkable, good human being."

Marguiles and Lieberthal are still together 10 years later, and their relationship couldn't be stronger.

9. Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer

After he cheated on his first wife, Sophia Bush, with Paris Hilton, Murray began to get a reputation as a womanizer in Hollywood. When he started to date his Chosen co-star, Sarah Roemer, people never thought it would last. Just months after they started dating, it was announced that not only had they gotten married, but they were also expecting their first child. The couple is still going strong, and welcomed their second child in March of 2017.

10. Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon is a fairly traditional guy, but there was nothing traditional about his wedding to Luciana Barroso. After dating for two years, Damon proposed in September of 2005. A few months later, the couple had an incredibly small wedding ceremony that only consisted of two other people, one being Barroso's daughter. After the ceremony, it was revealed that the rush to the altar was because Barroso was already pregnant with the couple's first child. Today, they're still together after 12 years of marriage and have three children together.

Which shotgun wedding surprised you the most?

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