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Celebs Shared Their Awkward Puberty Photos And The Internet Can't Get Enough

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Most people would like to hide, burn or bury their embarrassing pictures from their childhood. Let's be honest, puberty is not kind to most people and the photographic evidence is a cruel reminder. However, a bunch of celebrities are sharing their most embarrassing photos and it's all for a good cause.

Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll decided to launch a new campaign for all their celebrity friends. They asked that celebrities share pictures of their most awkward years with the hashtag "#PuberMe" and "#PuertoRicoRelief" and for each photo shared Colbert and Kroll would each donate $1000.

The photos came pouring in over the weekend, and it really makes the rest of us feel a bit better about our awkward years! Take a look at some of the best throwbacks that the celebs shared.

Nick Kroll

Stephen Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel

John Mulaney

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Backstreet Boys

Mark Duplass

Riki Lindhome

Angela Kinsey

Sarah Silverman

These aren't the only celebs to share their awkward photos, the list just keeps going...

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