12 Celebs Share Their Pot Smoking Stories


12 Celebs Share Their Pot Smoking Stories

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Times sure have changed in the last little while. I remember when marijuana was considered a horrific drug, that would ultimately ruin everyone's lives. Sure, there are still people who believe this, and I'm sure there are some reasons to think the drug is bad...but the stigma has definitely changed, especially with certain states legalizing it.

Because the stigma is going away, more and more celebrities are being open about their pot usage, and it's made for some pretty funny stories!

1. Kathy Bates

Bates currently stars on a show where she owns a cannabis dispensary, so it's no shock that she partakes in the activity often. While on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Bates told Meyers about her experiences.

"When I read the scripts, I'm stoned," Bates shared. "I just wish I had a seatbelt in bed. I laugh so hard I'm afraid to get up... [Smoking] is research!"

Bates also recalled the one celebrity she probably won't smoke with again.

"I actually had just a quick taste one time when I sat next to Bill Maher at a party. It was Penny Marshall's birthday," she said. "And I just got to tell you, never share a joint with a stranger, even if they're famous "” especially Bill Maher. I don't even remember what happened, it was just insane."

2. Shawn Mendes

Though many people see him as a goody-two shoes, the Canadian heartthrob has been showing his bad boy side a little bit more. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mendes admitted he's dabbled in smoking.

"I love weed," he said. "I wouldn't tweet that "” not yet, at least "” but it's really good for me. When I'm home, I'll smoke and then play guitar for seven hours."

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence is never shy to share her personal experiences, and that didn't change when talking to Howard Stern about getting high at Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday party.

"My ride wasn't ready to leave yet, so I smoked a joint with some rappers "” and their s"” is different," Lawrence said. "So I entered a different universe."

Lawrence was extremely high and had to use the bathroom, so she headed to the port o' potty.

So I'm in the port o' pot and I'm like, "˜She's gotta poop. This poor women's just gotta poop.' So I came out and I made a beeline for her and I went up to her and I was like, "˜Look, you gotta poop.' She was kind of laughing, but was like, "˜No "” I don't know why you're saying that, I really don't.' "

All of a sudden security is grabbing me, because what I hadn't realized is I am grabbing this woman by the shoulders, shaking her, screaming "˜You have to poop! You have to poop!' And the security guard is laughing so hard because he's heard the whole exchange.

He's like, "˜You can't grab her, but I agree, she got to poop.' So he and I are on the ground laughing. And the woman finally started laughing.

Then I got McDonald's on the way back.

4. Sophie Turner

Turner and her co-star Maisie Williams are famously best friends, having grown up together while starring on Game of Thrones. The blonde beauty admitted that she and Williams used to smoke weed after long days of shooting as a way to relax.

"We're kind of like loners of Game of Thrones, just because the past few seasons Maisie and I have sleepovers every night when we're sleeping," Turner said. "We just used to sit there and eat and watch stupid videos and smoke weed. I don't know if my publicist will kill me for saying this. We'd get high and then we'd sit in the bath together and we'd rub makeup brushes on our faces. It's fun."

5. David Spade

From the sounds of it, Ellen DeGeneres' 60th birthday was a wild time, because Spade also admitted that he got pretty darn high at the bash. Spade said he came across one of DeGeneres' "rapper buddies" and things kind of took of from there.

"He whipped out some medical marijuana "” a big rolled up doobie of it," recalled Spade.

The Joe Dirt actor was so high, he couldn't even identify DeGeneres.

"... I thought you were Justin Bieber for the first half hour," Spade joked. "It's only because of your haircut! Not what you were wearing, you looked great."

6. Josh Hutcherson/Seth Rogen

Hutcherson worked with Rogen on the show Future Man, where Rogen was the producer and director. While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hutcherson admits that he underestimated Rogen's love of pot.  

"I had this idea that [Seth's] whole weed thing and smoking and all this was like a bit "” it's not," he said. "Halfway through shooting we were outside to hang for a minute and he literally, while directing, is smoking the marijuana. He has this little case and he's like, "˜Ah, man, my wife only gave me seven joints for the day.' I was like, "˜Seven?! Whoa, man.'"

7. Nick Jonas

The youngest member of The Jonas Brothers certainly has grown up in front of our eyes. While on The Tonight Show, Jonas recounted the time he consumed a THC-laced lollipop the night before the Young Hollywood awards.

I enjoyed the night, felt great, went to bed feeling fine. I woke up the next day "” slow motion, everything's in slow motion. I'm like, "˜Oh no, this is happening, this is real' "” because I had to be up for the Young Hollywood Awards, presenting at the Young Hollywood Awards.

"I'm hearing these voices [in the shower]. It's horrible, so I call down to my girlfriend who's in the kitchen. "˜Babe, I need some bread, I need some coffee. Something!' I get in the car, I'm trying to focus, get in the right mind frame...

Jonas ended up going on stage still high, and his appearance was less than satisfactory.

"I walked offstage, I looked at my manager, I was like, "˜You think anybody knew?' He's like, "˜Yes, They definitely did,'" Jonas recalled.

8. Kirsten Dunst

When Dunst was filming Woodshock, her character had to smoke a few joints. Unfortunately for her, someone on set decided to play a bit of a practical joke, and

You have movie pot, which is basically fake. But we were doing this one scene where, obviously in the movie I don't smoke that many, but when you're doing takes you're doing one after the next, after next ...

So, after we're done with the scene I went back to this little bedroom to rest, and I started to feel like I was losing my mind. I went to the bathroom, I'm pacing. [I told director Laura Mulleavy], "˜There is something wrong with me, I think I need to go to the hospital. Like, there's something seriously up. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm shaking, I'm hot, I'm just flipping out.'

[A producer] goes back, he looks at everything I smoked. He came back and he's like, "˜Oh, you smoked a full blunt on one of the takes.' And we're talking about Humboldt weed. I don't smoke full joints. This is like strong s"”.

It turns out, some of the locals who were rolling the joints for the set decided to throw in some real ones "just for fun."

"I was crying, laughing, eating a peanut butter sandwich "” I couldn't film anymore, they sent me home! I was a total mess," she recalled. "I've never been that stoned in my entire life."

9. Anne Hathaway

You may see Hathaway as a "proper" woman, but she'll be the first to tell you that she's got a bit of a bad side. While on Watch What Happens Live, Hathaway was asked about her marijuana consumption.

"There was a rumor in 2013 that a photo exists and was circulating of you with a massive blunt," host Andy Cohen said. "On a scale of one to 10, how big of a stoner is Anne Hathaway?"

"I'm not a little one," Hathaway coyly replied. "But here's the thing, here's the thing, though. I'm a parent and I don't feel like getting arrested, so I'm gonna say "˜zero.' I guess I should have just pleaded the fifth on that one. But I don't have a card or anything."

10. Miley Cyrus

It's definitely no secret that Cyrus was a huge stoner, but in the last few years she's chosen to lower her cannabis consumption, and she even credits Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for quitting.

You [Fallon], without knowing it were kind of the reason for [quitting]. Because I've always been very stoned on your shows ... Remember the last time I was here, I think I was dressed as like a bunny rabbit and then like a cat? There's a reason for that "” I was high.

I stopped smoking because to sit here and to talk about what I'm doing I wanted to be really clear because I'm actually the most passionate about what I'm doing with this record. This record for me at this moment is the most important album that I've ever made and so I wanted to make sure I'm super clear about the way I'm talking.

11. Zayn Malik

The former One Direction star admitted to smoking weed as a way to help his career.

"I find it helps me be creative," he said. "Some people say it kills your ambition, some people say it destroys your personality. Personally I haven't had any of them experiences yet."

12. Susan Sarandon

It seems like Andy Cohen has a way with getting celebrities to open up about their pot habits. When legendary actress Susan Sarandon was on the show, she admitted that weed is what gets her through awards shows.

"Name one Hollywood event that you should show up to stoned," Cohen prompted.

"Only one?" she responded. "I would say almost all except the Oscars."

That answer spurred on a lot of conversation after the show, and Sarandon ended up clarifying her answer.

That whole thing of going stoned to every awards show, I wish that could have been possible, but no, that was an exaggeration.

The only down side I can think of with weed is the munchies. And I don't handle them, I munch. Awards shows are four hours long. So by the time you even get through the red carpet, unfortunately, you're not high anymore.

But your blood sugar drops and they would do very well to pass out munchies. I remember one time sitting in front of Seal at a very long show and he was passing out little snacks, which was very helpful.

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Smoking weed has definitely become more commonplace, and it's funny to see celebrities talking about their experiences!

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