Channing Tatum Displays His Magic Mike Skills At Local Gas Station

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When Magic Mike came out, it shot Channing Tatum into utter stardom. Sure, he had starred in films like Step Up and 21 Jump Street, but it was the stripper-centric movie based off his real experiences in life that garnered the most attention.

His slick dance moves and rock-hard body made him the apple of almost every woman's eye who watched the movie. His dances were so iconic, his wife Jenna even replicated it on an episode of Lip-Sync Battle.

Anyone who's a fan of Tatum can only dream of having Magic Mike himself show up to their place of work and dance with them.

For one gas station attendant in North Carolina, she got just that. Beatrice at Sunoco got the shock of a lifetime when Tatum and a buddy walked into her location to grab coffee and candy.

Continue reading to see her reaction and watch their dance!

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