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Charges Laid In Blaze Bernstein Murder Case

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On January 9, Blaze Bernstein's lifeless body was found in a shallow grave. The 19-year-old Penn State Student had been missing for six days after going to visit his family in Southern California over the Christmas break.

Blaze's family reached out to try and find their son, and it caught the attention of celebrities on social media. Stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mayim Bialik, and Kobe Bryant all pleaded for the safe return of the missing teen. Sadly, it was to no avail.

The young student was found in a shallow grave, and according to Carrie Braun, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department, “the condition of the body at the time it was discovered turned it from a missing person to a homicide immediately.”

Blaze was found stabbed over 20 times, which indicated to authorities that it was an act of rage. According to his parents, the pre-med student was excited to be working on Penn Appétit, a food magazine at his school.

“He was very excited about that,” Gideon Bernstein said, according to the Orange CountyRegister. “He was working on that over the winter break and showed us the magazine they just published, which he significantly contributed to.”

Hundreds of people showed up to a candlelight vigil for Blaze, hoping to find answers.

Now, police have someone in custody, and the possible motive is truly upsetting.

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