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5 Reasons Why You Dream About Your Partner Cheating On You, And How To Make It Stop

How many times have you woken up next to your partner only to feel so inexplicably mad at them that you honestly can't believe it. It takes you a minute to remember what you were mad at, but then it suddenly comes back to you. They cheated on you! How could they do this to you? Then, as quickly as that feeling rises up inside of you, you start to realize that it wasn't real, it was all just a dream.

Why does this happen to us? These dreams feel so real, yet obviously your partner didn't do what you assumed. You end up being cranky with them for hours, even though you know it wasn't really them, but why does this even happen? Why is our brain putting us through this? Well, there are a few reasons why this happens.


1. You are anxious about the possibility of them cheating in the future

Even if they have never cheated on you, there is a level of insecurity that you are suffering from that is translating into your subconscious. You might be worried that they will go out and find someone better, without you even realizing that these thoughts have crossed your mind. The best way to deal with these insecurities is to face them head on, and discuss with your partner how you feel.

2. You have been hurt in the past and haven't dealt with those feelings

It's a lot more likely for people who have been cheated on to relive the experience in their dreams. The important thing you need to do is work on rebuilding trust while you're awake, and then hopefully that new bond will help ease your subconscious.

Those aren't the only reasons why you may be dreaming about a partner cheating on you...


3. Someone or something is acting as a 'third wheel' in the relationship

It doesn't even need to be a romantic third-wheel, it might just be a close friend who is stealing your partner away from you, it could be a job that it taking up all their time, or it could even be a new baby that is consuming all of your energy. Cheating in a dream sometimes represents just feeling cheated for the attention. You need to address it with your partner to see if it's something they feel too.

4. You suspect they are actually cheating

Sometimes it's pretty simple, in that you are dreaming about your worst nightmare. Your subconscious may just be trying to prepare you for what you fear might happen. Or, it might be that your subconscious is trying to warn you about all the signs you've been ignoring lately and let you know that something isn't right.

5. You are feeling betrayed or ignored

If you feel like your partner is being negligent in the relationship, your subconscious may turn that into a dream about cheating. Whether they are actively fighting you, or just not as invested in the relationship as much as they used to be, both options tend to lead to unpleasant dreams about your partner's infidelity.

Do you ever get dreams about your partner cheating on you? Have you ever actually discussed it with them?

Getting that trust back is really the only way that you will be able to get those dreams to stop. So talk to your partner and get it all sorted out!

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