McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Will Make You Give Up On Your Diet

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McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Will Make You Give Up On Your Diet

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Less than a month after unveiling their new Donut Sticks, McDonald's will debut another new breakfast item that looks delicious.

Starting January 30th, you can ask to have your crispy McDonald's french fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce and smokey bacon bits.

But if you want to sample this new treat, hurry to your local restaurant because it won't be available for long.

McDonald's has been testing versions of their newest menu item since 2017, and started offering Cheesy Bacon Fries at locations in Northern California and Hawaii last November.

By the end of the month, the indulgent meal will be available at each and every McDonald's location, according to Business Insider (who also leaked the new Donut Sticks before they were officially announced).

The Golden Arches basically confirmed the good news with their cheeky reply to questions from People:

"I'm afraid I'll have to provide a cheesy no comment. At this moment, our kitchens are bacon-ing something together. But we're not yet ready to share the gouda news."

Like Donut Sticks, which have been called a knockoff of Dunkin's own Donut Fries, the new cheese fries bear a striking resemblance to Baconator Fries from Wendy's, which are also topped with cheese and bacon bits.

Meanwhile, McDonald's has already offered their take on cheesy fries in countries like Spain and Canada, so it's about time they brought them home to the states.

McDonalds new menu items
Bacon-topped burgers are joining the cheesy fries on the McDonald's menu.McDonald's

There's no word on how much the new item will add to your usual McDonald's bill, but when it was a regional item a box of the fries cost $4.

Other bacon menu items will also be rolling out soon. McDonald's already confirmed that new takes on the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder with bacon will also be introduced soon.

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Are you excited to try these new fries?

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