Melissa McCarthy Smuggled 40 Ham Sandwiches Into The Golden Globes


Melissa McCarthy Smuggled 40 Ham Sandwiches Into The Golden Globes

Michael Rozman - Warner Bros. / Ben Falcone - Instagram

This year's Golden Globe awards featured surprises, upsets, and funny moments. But, apparently, the one thing they were missing was a good caterer.

While stars famously get their drink on at the relaxed awards show, and eagle-eyed viewers spotted chocolates and other treats on their tables, it's easy to work up an appetite after walking the red carpet and sitting through a three-hour ceremony.

A gourmet dinner is actually served at a banquet before the show, but the night's biggest stars often miss out while doing publicity with reporters from all the major networks.

Melissa McCarthey and Ben Falcone
McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, smuggled food into the ceremony.Michael Rozman - Warner Bros.

That's why one of this year's nominees, Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy, took matters into her own hands with some delicious rule breaking.

The actress, who was nominated for her role in the quirky film Can You Ever Forgive Me, stowed dozens of ham and cheese sandwiches in her purse and passed them out to hungry celebrities.

Her husband, actor Ben Falcone, actually shared a snap of the smuggled sandwiches, revealing that McCarthey packed 40 but just two were left unclaimed by the end of the night.

"I've been handing them out to everyone," the actress told Variety, and she joked that next year she would bring hot dogs.

Other stars were obviously appreciative, because actress Olivia Colman mentioned her sandwich in her thank-you speech for The Favourite.

And while I wouldn't turn my nose up at a homemade sandwich from McCarthy, the actress went the extra mile and ordered deluxe snacks from LA restaurant Joan's on Third.

McCarthy went home empty-handed - like Lady Gaga, she lost out to Glenn Close and her performance in The Wife - but we bet she was the toast of the town at the night's after parties, as the stars could finally let their hair down and enjoyed a bite to eat.

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts and her husband noshed in In-N-Out after the ceremony.Julia Roberts - Instagram

Julia Roberts seemingly chose to skip the night life in favor of fast food with her husband. The Homecoming actress shared a snap of herself kissing her "fella," Daniel Moder, with a mouthful of In-N-Out Burger.

"Congratulations to All!" Roberts wrote. "And to all a good ( burger) night."

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