Chrissy Teigan Mom-Shamed Over Daughter's Nail Polish


Chrissy Teigan Mom-Shamed Over Daughter's Nail Polish

Chrissy Teigan Mom-Shamed Over Daughter's Nail Polish

Despite her cleaver and hilarious responses to previous mom-shaming comments, Chrissy Teigen is yet again at the center of another heated parenting debate.

What is the fiasco about this time? Nail polish on her daughter Luna's toes.

The model, cookbook author and mom of two recently took to Twitter to let her followers in on a special moment between her and Luna.

“Doing her nails is my knitting. Kid toes kill me!” Teigen wrote in the tweet, accompanied by a video showing the toddler's toes painted red.

Teigen's innocent post was well received by most people, with some parents even sharing photos of their children's pedicures. However, there were a few critics who called out the Lip Sync Battle co-host for exposing her three-year-old child to the dangerous chemicals in the polish.

“Applying poisonous chemicals directly onto a child’s body cannot be good, one user wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "Whatever poisons are in polish are absorbed through the nail and directly into their body.”

Teigen, who is never one to pass up an opportunity to dish out a witty response, replied with: "Well I actually had her drink it, so joke’s on you."

This is just the second time in two weeks that Teigen's parenting choices were questioned. After sharing a photo of Luna's first visit to the dentist, a user commented that the three-year-old should've been to the dentist sooner.

“What age do they start over there? My daughter started seeing a dentist at a [year] old,” the user wrote.

"Was waiting for this. U guys never fail me," Teigen, who is no stranger to unsolicited opinions, replied.

A few weeks earlier, after Teigen shared a video of Luna negotiating for candy, another user made a snarky comment regarding the state of the young girl's hair.

“Finally someone brushed her hair," read the comment.

Again, Teigen wasted no time in firing back.  She wrote: "All by herself! Maybe she can come do your makeup."

Although both celebrity mothers and fathers get shamed for their choices, it seems like the moms receive the most criticism. Teigen can definitely handle her own, but her husband John Legend thinks she should be given a break. In an interview with Us Weekly, he explained that it is only fair that he get some of that criticism too.  

“On our first date after Luna was born, everyone critiqued [Teigen],” the Grammy-winning singer told the publication recently. “‘Why are you going out two weeks after your baby was born?’ But they didn’t critique me. I spoke out about it then. She spoke about it. I think hopefully people are learning that Chrissy and I are a partnership and if you’re going to parent shame us, do it to us as a partnership."

Teigen appears unfazed by the criticism, and has continued to share content on her social media pages. Even though being on the receiving end of mom-shaming is never a pleasant experience, there's solace in knowing that Teigen does not let people get away with this kind of behaviour.

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