Chrissy Teigen Praised For Breast-Pumping Photo, But Not Everyone Is On Board


Chrissy Teigen Praised For Breast-Pumping Photo, But Not Everyone Is On Board

Once again celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have found themselves at the center of another parenting-related debate after Legend's Father's Day post.

The singer posted a photo of himself and his wife heading to dinner to celebrate the special occasion. In the photo, Teigen is giving the peace sign while pumping milk from both breasts.

"I know it's Father's Day and all but my wife is pretty awesome," the singer wrote in the caption on Instagram. "She's taking me to dinner but still on mummy duty."

The model and mom-of-two recently gave birth to their second child, son Miles, and has been very vocal about her breastfeeding struggles.

Women across the photo sharing platform started applauding Legend for showing his appreciation for his wife on Father's Day and Teigen for allowing him to show the reality of being a new parent.

"Yes, wife appreciation and breastfeeding normalisation in one!" wrote one user. Another chimed in writing, "18 months of breastfeeding here! You go momma! Get that liquid gold."

Baby MilesChrissy Teigen/Instagram

"Don't ever stop what you're doing! We need amazing advocates for booby feeding and you're doing an amazing job and looking fab, don't ever be put off by these attention-seeking trolls!" one fan wrote. "I have seen more flesh in kids magazines and we NEED people to finally see breastfeeding as the norm! You both rock!"

"Best picture today by a mile... #mummysrule," a mom commented.

While there are many positive reactions to the couple's candid snap, there were some who did not appreciate it at all.

"There is a time and place for every single thing. This is tacky, cheap, and literally disgusting. I am a woman but I do know as well this is inappropriate," wrote a user.

"That's unacceptable! There are things that need to be private," one person added. Another said: "This is disgusting."

Some of the couple's followers came to their defense, but neither Teigen nor Legend bothered to respond to the criticism.

This isn't the first time that Teigen has been called out for displaying her breasts and discussing breastfeeding.

Shortly after the birth of her second child last month, she shared a video in which she is wearing a low-cut sundress, saying "Please look at my veins going to my milky boobs. What is this?"

The cookbook author also shared some of her other postpartum experiences on social media, including posting a photo in which she is wearing the mesh underwear that hospitals provide to new moms after they have given birth.

Chrissy Teiegn/Instagram

Fellow celebrity moms were quick to leave comments under Chrissy relatable photo.

"Omg!!! That was so funny and so right on!" Jessica Alba wrote. "I love those underwear they were lifesaver after birth," Jaime King chimed in.

"Same boat! Adult diapers for the win! Congratulations on the little one!" American Idol winner and recent new mom Jordin Sparks commented.

The mom's non-celebrity mom followers also left positive comments on the post thanking her for "always being real, and helping us moms feel more real, and relatable."

"You're a super woman!" wrote another mom.

What do you think of Teigen's photo? Should Legend have posted it online?

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