Even After Build-A-Bear Disaster, Chuck E. Cheese's Offers "Pay Your Age" Deal

When Build-A-Bear announced "Pay Your Age Day," no one could contain their excitement.

In fact, the excitement was so strong that local authorities had to intervene as long lines became a safety concern.

Only a few hours after stores opened, there were lines that zigzagged around malls across America.

But that's not all, at some locations, some claim violent fights broke out as families were told they were not enough bears for everyone.

As the situation started to get out of control, Build-A-Bear stores closed down and the company issued this statement below:

Gemma Butler, a marketing director for Chartered Institute of Marketing, criticized the Bulid-A-Bear sale, saying, "This was an ill thought-out and unprofessional promotional execution, one that not only risks their own brand reputation, but has the potential to bring the wider marketing sector into disrepute."

She added, "If their goal was to highlight demand, Build-A-Bear ought to have considered the consequences of thousands of children going home tonight disappointed and in tears."

Now, only a day after the Build-A-Bear fiasco, Chuck E. Cheese's announced that they're offering a "Pay Your Age" sale.

The restaurant company's official Facebook page announced that on Friday, July 13, you can pay your child's age for 30 minutes of All You Can Play.

The post reads: "Didn't get to Build A Bear? Come in on 7/13, pay your child's age, and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play. Offer available Friday, 7/13 only in participating U.S. locations where Chuck E.'s Play Pass is available. (Maximum $9 for 30 minutes)."

Didn't get to Build A Bear? Come in on 7/13, pay your child's age, and they will get 30 minutes of All You Can Play. ...

Posted by Chuck E. Cheese's on Thursday, July 12, 2018

It's undeniable that Build-A-Bear's promotion was successful, but it was also a disaster in terms of safety.

Will the same thing happen at Chuck E. Cheese's locations? Only time will tell...

Will you be going to Chuck E. Cheese's today?

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