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15 Classic Pro Wrestlers Who Are Unrecognizable Today

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WWE / DDP Yoga

I grew up in a big family where almost no one could agree on anything.

But when pro wrestling was on the TV, no one in the house would let you change the channel.

A lot of people grew up just like I did - obsessed with all the amazing wrestlers and their careers.

So it can be sad to look back at our childhood, and realize how badly some of them are living today.

Many of these wrestlers had good reasons to hang up their tights, but none of them look anything like they did in their glory days.

1. Haku (Tonga Fifita)

Haku wrestler
WWE / Ring the Damn Bell

Also known as Meng, this sumo wrestler from Tonga dominated both the WWF and the WWC in the '80s.

His most memorable story line involved teaming up with Andre the Giant to form the Colossal Connection, which earned them both tag-team titles.

Haku developed a reputation for getting into bar brawls and street fights, which may explain why his career dried up.

These days he mainly performs alongside his sons in Japan.

2. Ahmed Johnson (Tony Norris)

Ahmed Johnson wrestler
WWE / Scott Finkelstein

After a promising career as a football player, Johnson joined the WWF in the '90s and quickly became the intercontinental champion.

While he broke boundaries in the wrestling business as an African American star, Johnson struggled to make weight throughout his career - and eventually lost his job over it.

3. The Terrorist (Brian Knobbs)

The Terrorist wrestler
WWE / All Axxess Entertainment - YouTube

Knobbs was one half of the famous Nasty Boys tag team, who had a memorable feud with the Hart Foundation and became tag-team champions.

Despite being a close friend of Hulk Hogan, Knobbs's career fizzled out after after the '90s, although he continued to wrestle in TNA.

4. Dan Spivey

Dan Spivey wrestler
WWE / Bigdanspivey - Twitter

A star in both the WWF and the WCW, Spivey was a member of the U.S Express tag team and also performed as Starship Eagle and Waylon Mercy.

He was forced to retire in the mid-90s because of wrestling injuries, and wound up working at his family's construction company.

5. The Genius (Lanny Poffo)

The Genius wrestler

This wrestler known for his gimmick of reciting poetry to his opponents was the real-life brother of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Poffo's career slowed down after the '90s, but he segued his fame into a career writing anti-smoking and drinking poetry for children.

He returned to the WWE in 2015, to accept his brother Randy's Hall of Fame induction.

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