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'Unadoptable' Dog Found Her Forever Family After They Realized Just How Much Good She Was Capable Of

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Alicia Simatos first saw the picture of Sophie, she knew that she would be the perfect companion for her young son because the two shared a very special connection. Sophie had been stuck at the humane society for over month because of her condition, but that's exactly what made her the perfect fit for the Simatos family.

Alicia Simatos

Sophie was born with a cleft lip, which apparently was enough for people to pass over her when picking out their new family member. But Simatos knew that Sophie deserved all the love in the world and brought her home. She was excited to introduce Sophie to her son, who also was born with a cleft lip. Simatos has even teamed up with an organization that will not only help out the pups, but kids who are born with the same condition.

Sara Colozino

Cleft lip is a fairly common defect that happens to one in every 600 children born in America. However, when dogs are born with the condition, breeders will often have them euthanized because they won't sell. But now, these dogs have been given a purpose, and they are going to help a lot of kids...

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