Are You Able To Spot The Hidden Symbols on Coca-Cola's New Holiday Cans?

Big brands have been famously hiding symbols into their logos and packaging for decades now. From when FedEx hid an arrow inside of its name and we never noticed, to a Hershey's Kiss hiding in the Hershey's logo, these little sneaky marketing techniques continue to blow our minds.  

This winter, Coca-Cola has decided to have a little fun too. They have incorporated a few clever images into its classic polar bear design.

One Reddit user was able to spot the hidden designs, are you?

Were you able to spot the hidden symbol?


Take a closer look:

Do the eyes look familiar?

While the younger generation may not know it instantly, but the eyes are upside down bottle caps.

What about the nose?


If you take a close look, you will see the silhouette of a glass bottle show up where the light would hit the bears' noses.

So next time you're grabbing a cold Coke from the vending machine, take a look at the bears and challenge a friend to see if they can spot them!

Source: Delish