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Where Is The Missing Gosselin Child? A History Of Gosselin Accusations

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The Gosselins have been in the middle of their fair share of controversy over the years, all starting in 2007 when the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 aired. After a few one-off episodes about their large family, the Gosselins were given their own TV show which became a sensation.  


The Gosselins welcomed sextuplets through IVF after already have a set of twins just four years earlier. The show focused on how this young family was going to manage raising eight kids all under the age of four. As the seasons went on, we saw the kids grow and develop their own personalities, but we also watched as Jon and Kate's marriage completely crumbled. Kate became more and more controlling as things progressed, while Jon was either completely passive or totally defiant. This couple that once shared so much love between each other had totally fallen apart.


In 2009, Jon and Kate split, leaving fans to wonder what would happen with the show. It was ultimately cancelled in November of 2009, but in 2010 it returned as Kate Plus 8 and things were a little different. Because of the drama surrounding the split, we saw a stressed out Kate trying to navigate her new life as a single mom to eight kids. She retained custody of the kids and got to keep the marital house, but it soon became clear that her over-controlling ways were going to take over.

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