Comics Pretending To Be Strongmen Show Off Their Skill On Local News


Comics Pretending To Be Strongmen Show Off Their Skill On Local News

The strongman is one of the oldest kinds of acts in the entertainment world. It will always be impressive to watch someone bend an iron bar, or lift huge weights with ease.

That's probably what these local news stations were expecting when they booked Chop and Steele, a pair of bodybuilders on a tour across America called "Give Thanks 4 Strengths."

But this pair of weirdos put on a different kind of show entirely. In this video you can see them lifting apple cider jugs, banging tennis rackets together and stomping Easter baskets - all of which aren't really typical strongman activities.

Feeling a little confused? So were the hosts! It turns out Chop is really comedian Joe Pickett, and Steele is his partner Nick Preuher.

The strongmen are characters they invented to amuse themselves while touring the country, as Preuher reveals in an interview with Esquire.

"We just do it because we're bored on tour," he says. "Joe and I have known each other since we were 10, so it's like we don't have anything left to talk about."

Sports Illustrated

The funniest part of this video is the newscasters weren't in on the joke! The pranksters booked their appearances on the show in character and left before revealing their secret identities.

Now that the secret's out Chop and Steele probably won't be appearing on any more morning shows. Maybe they could host their own exercise video instead!

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