6 Most Common Causes Of Migraines, And How To Avoid Them

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6 Most Common Causes Of Migraines, And How To Avoid Them


We've all had a terrible throbbing pain in our heads, but some of us experience it more often than others.

If you're reading this article, migraines are something that's been affecting your day-to-day life, and we may be able to shed light onto why you're getting them.

Migraines happen when nerve cells send out messages to blood vessels causing them to constrict, then expand. As hormones are being released from your brain, the pulsations can be extremely painful.

Here are the six most common causes of migraines. When you can identify why you're getting them, you can easily find a solution.

1. Stress

Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol. If you find yourself feeling stressed out most of the time, it may be because your adrenal glands are starting to deplete, which in turn increases hormones that make your body more sensitive to pain.

2. Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep can easily trigger a migraine. If you're not getting a good night's rest, there's not enough "feel good" hormones being released. For that reason, your sleep problems are causing an instability in serotonin and dopamine levels.

3. Hunger / Dehydration

You're "hangry" for a reason. You're seriously not yourself when your hungry, and your body isn't either. Missing meals or not having a balanced diet can easily trigger a migraine because your body is sending signals trying to tell you that your blood-glucose levels are falling too low.

If you're dehydrated, your body is also trying to send you an important message. This usually happens after you sweat, and your body loses essential fluids to continue functioning, which causes your brain to pull away from the skull.

4. Too much caffeine

It's okay to love coffee, but like all things we love, we need them in moderation. Drinking four to five cups of tea, coffee, or soda a day can have some serious side effects. The problem here is that you can't go cold turkey on caffeine, because that can also trigger a migraine. Consult with your doctor on how you can get off caffeine safely without jeopardizing your overall well being.

5. Alcohol

Red wine is infamous for triggering migraines, but other alcohol drinks can also make you to want to reach for that pain medication. The main ingredient of alcohol, ethanol, is converted into a chemical that makes you pee more than usual, so your migraines may have something to do with you getting dehydrated.

6. Medications

The culprit for your throbbing head pain may be from your prescription medications, which are in charge of fixing another problem. For example, birth control pills, heart drugs, and even some pain relief medications have been reported to cause migraines. If you think your medication is because of the pills you take, talk to your doctor and see if you should change your dose or switch to a different drug.

Are your migraines because of any of these common causes?

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