The First Thing You Notice In This Photo Reveals Your Communication Style


The First Thing You Notice In This Photo Reveals How You Talk To People

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Communication is key, but you don't need me to tell you that.

Nearly every second of your life you're using this skill, whether it be to communicate with yourself or others.

Even though you spend most of your life doing this, you may have absolutely no clue as to what kind of communicator you are.

What you see first in the image below is believed to reveal something about how well you communicate with people and what that says about you.

What was the first thing you noticed in the photo?

Woman's leg

If you noticed a woman's white legs and shoes first, you're the the type of person who is very careful about how you phrase something.

You think before you speak, but sometimes you have trouble putting your words to action.

For example, you're great at giving advice, but you're awful at taking your own.

Deep down inside, you know you are a self-conscious person. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have low self-confidence or self-esteem issues, but that care about other people's opinions, especially when it's about you.

There's nothing wrong with being concerned about what people think of you, but don't let their opinions bring you down.

Man's leg

If you noticed a man's leg and dress shoes, you're the type of person who speaks their mind and doesn't hold back.

People can feel intimidated to be in your presence, which isn't always a good thing. That being said, sometimes it's good to tell it how it is.

You don't dance around feelings; you get to the point and hate wasting time.

People admire you for seeing the half glass full, but you don't always feel that way, and you don't pretend to.

Being moody seems to be part of your personality because you have an extremely hard time hiding your emotions.

Both legs

If you noticed both the man's legs and the woman's legs, you're the type of person who is great at starting a conversation.

You're highly intellectual and a talented problem solver. You never take one side, but rather consider both sides of an argument.

You've probably noticed how people become easily attracted to your personality and like to spend a lot of time around you.

This happens because they see you as a mentor and are gravitated towards your unique perspective in life.

While you're very intuitive, it doesn't mean that life is a breeze for you. There are a lot of challenges in your life, but the difference is that you tackle your problems one at a time.

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Which leg did you notice first? Or did you notice both? Let us know in the comments!

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