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Con Man Admits He’s Guilty, But Asks The Judge To Grant One Strange Request

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Sun Sentinel

The notorious con man who calls himself "Mr. Breeze" made a surprising offer to his judge after confessing to his latest crime.

Sabatino (left) was known for passing himself off as a music executive.Miami New Times

The 41-year-old Jimmy Sabatino has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager, and is reportedly connected to the Gambino crime family. You may remember Sabatino from the 1990s, when he made international headlines by phoning in a death threat against then-President Bill Clinton while in an English prison.

Since then, Sabatino has returned to America and landed himself in jail once again. In fact, he was in prison when he began to orchestrate his latest crime. Sabatino convinced guards at Miami's Federal Detention Center to bring him cell phones, which he used to make calls to designer clothing and jewelry stores.

The Miami Federal Detention CenterWolfberg Alvarez

Sabatino convinced the stores that he was a representative for brands like Sony and Roc-A-Fella Records, and asked them to "lend" valuable items to his associates outside of prison. He claimed that they would be used in music videos, but instead they were sold on the black market.

By the time Sabatino's crimes were exposed, his scheme had already collected more than $10 million in merchandise. In a stunning move, the crook admitted to everything and pleaded guilty. He simply asked that the judge grant him one strange request in return.

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