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They Turned A Missile Silo Into A Gorgeous Home, And Now You Can Stay There Too

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Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital

A school teacher in Wabaunsee County, Kansas has made history lovers' dreams come true by transforming a Cold War-era missile silo into a luxury Airbnb location.

Matthew Fulkerson converted the missile silo - which housed a nuclear warhead 65 years ago - into an underground mansion for short-term rentals.

According to the Associated Press, the idea came into fruition when Fulkerson, 37, asked his neighbors, Ed and Dianna Pedon, if he could turn the converted missile base into an Airbnb. While the couple had owned and lived in their makeshift home since 1994, they were intrigued with the idea.

Exterior of the Airbnb
Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital

Dubbed the "Subterra Castle," the schoolteacher intends to have the rental become more than just a pit stop for visitors passing through town.

“I see it as becoming a destination," Fulkson said.

Take a look inside Subterra's extravagant interior, and see for yourself the unique digs.

Indoor entrance to Airbnb
Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital

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