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Cop Refused To Miss His Daughter's Dance Class, And It Has Melted All Of Our Hearts

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A father will do anything for their daughter, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zone. For Officer Cody Brown, his daughter is his top priority, and when the important moments happen in her life he makes sure that he is there for them.

Brown works for the Castle Rock Police Department, and while he was on patrol he realized he was late for an event he had already agreed to go to. His daughter, Tessa, was participating in a "Bring Dads To Dance" night at her ballet class, and he has promised he would be there. The problem was that he was still on duty.

How did he handle it? With the dedication that only a police officer could have.

Tessa was all ready at dance class, all dressed up in her tights and leotard, but she obviously needed her dad to be there. Luckily, he rushed in, fully uniformed, and made his way to the barre.

He handled it like a true champ...

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