Couple Fined $2,500 After Their Dog Was Killed In A Hit and Run

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Couple Fined $2,500 After Their Dog Was Killed In A Hit and Run

Losing a pet is a tragedy, but it was made even worse for this couple who was billed $2,500 after their dog was hit by a car. Now they're headed to court to fight the bill.

Anatasia and Kris Rzesnoski were the owners of a one-year-old lab named Bobby Orr. Two years ago bobby was playing with another dog when he got over-excited and ran into the street. Bobby was struck by a car and later died.

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The driver exchanged information with Kris's dad Terry who later got a letter from Manitoba Public Insurance informing him that the dog owners are responsible to pay for damage.

"He was my fur baby, he was my everything," Anatasia said. "It just seems surreal that they'd actually do that."

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After two years without payment MPI is now suing the Rzesnoskis.

They say they don't deny they're responsible, but say losing their beloved dog was hard enough. They intend to fight the bill due to how the insurance company handled the claim.

"It was just a cold-hearted letter," says Anatasia.

MPI refused to comment on the case, but said they have an obligation to pursue costs on behalf of their ratepayers.

It's so sad to lose a dog, do you agree with the company's decision to charge the couple?

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