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Couple Powerless To Stop The Advances Of This Abandoned Kitten

There's a special bond between a pet and their owner. It's not just co-existence, it's unconditional love from both parties. That's why you need to feel a connection with whatever pet you get.

For imgur user Indigochild11, all she wanted was a cat. Her boyfriend knew he couldn't just buy her one without her meeting it first, so he took her to the local shelter to pick one out.

That's when Luna struck.

She started pawing and meowing at the couple as they walked by, staring into their eyes (and also their hearts.)

"I immediately fell in love with Luna," the woman said.

She just wanted some love!

When she was taken out of her cage, Luna couldn't stop snuggling her new friends.

The couple didn't really have a choice, but they didn't care. Luna was now their cat. There was some paperwork to fill out, and Luna still needed to be fixed, but she was about to have a forever home.

Once she got home, Luna settled right in. Ready to see how cute the pictures are?

Since coming home from the shelter, Luna has settled right into her new home! She loves exploring, napping, and endless cuddles.


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