Couple's Unlikely Wedding Story Will Make You A Believer In Fate


Couple's Unlikely Wedding Story Will Make You A Believer In Fate

Some people believe in fate, and those that don't will have a hard time denying that this couple was just "meant to be".

Two people came into this world together, and plan to spend the rest of their lives together as well.


Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos met in 2007 while they were students at rival high schools. The pair from Tauton, Massachuetts were introduced by mutual friends and started dating soon after, at the age of 17.

"I knew from the very beginning that he was different"”he was respectful, and he made me laugh" Jessica said. "He still makes me laugh! No one else can do that. From the start, we both knew we were right for each other."

As it turns out the two had more in common than they initially thought.

"Very early on, we found out we have the same birthday, probably when we were talking on AIM back in the day," Jessica said. "Then we connected the dots that we were in the same hospital.

Amazingly, both Jessica and Aaron were born on Saturday April 28, 1990 at Morton Hospital in Tauton, Masschusetts.


Not only that, but a newspaper clipping that Jessica's grandmother saved said they were the only babies born that day in that hospital.


"I didn't believe him at first when he told me he had the same birthday, it was crazy, I thought he was trying to pull a smooth one and win me over," Jessica said.

The two exchanged driver's licences when they attended the same driver's education class.

"Every birthday is a big running joke in the family, and we always celebrate every year with them and our group of friends," she said.

Their love story continued into their twenties with a proposal that make you believe in true love.

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Aaron propsed to Jessica in November 2015 with the help of family and friends. While the two walked through the Boston Public Garden, he asked their loved ones to hide throughout the park for a surprise.

"They're soul mates. They took their first breaths in the same hospital," family friend Dolores Milho said.

Jessica was taken off guard but accepted the proposal and the couple married on September 9.


Their parents have had the pleasure of watching their love story unfold over the years.

"Our parents thought it was hilarious," she says, "and they knew it was something special."


Their birth is just the beginning of their great love story with many more chapters to be written.

"We're still getting ready for the married life, but it's been awesome so far," she says. "But we hope our story can bring a smile to people's faces, because that's what the world needs right now."

Source: People