Cow Sheds Tears After Finding Out Its Fate

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Cow Sheds Tears After Finding Out Its Fate

I refuse to entertain any opinions that claim animals do not have feelings. They do.

Just take Emma the cow, for example.

Emma has spent her life being raised for meat. She's been locked in trailers, is constantly alone, and wrapped in chains while travelling.

Unfortunately for Emma, the farm she was staying on declared bankruptcy and the last 25 cows on the land were to be sent to slaughter.

As Emma was being transported to her fate, something heart-breaking happened. She started to cry.


She is clearly terrified, knowing her fate is all but decided...and it's not good.

But then, something amazing happened. Emma was adopted by an animal sanctuary who wanted to save her.

"We founded an association together with the farmer, whom we won over with the idea for our project," the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg sanctuary explains. "The association's goal is to create a sanctuary, so they may continue living in their familiar surroundings, under best animal welfare conditions, hopefully until the natural end of their lives."


Emma is now living a happy, healthy, and most importantly FREE life. She has a herd she belongs to and has a place to live until her life naturally comes to an end.


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