Man Runs Into A Wild Coyote, Then Films The Entire Encounter

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Man Runs Into A Wild Coyote, Then Films The Entire Encounter

Coyotes are one of the most common predators in North America, and we've been told to watch out for them. They are a danger to pets and humans alike even though they're not much bigger than a household dog.

A man in British Columbia was out in the frigid winter and came face to face with the fearsome predator, but this coyote was less killer and more playful pup.

Just outside of his trailer, in a remote area of the mountainous Canadian province, Jeremy Frech encountered the lone coyote. In this video posted to YouTube you can hear him threaten and attempt to scare the coyote away.

Happy Coyote

Things don't really go as planned.

For nearly 5 minutes the coyote and Frech play a game of come here, come here... go away, go away. At one point Frech even gives the coyote a taste of his boot, and no I don't mean kicking. He literally lets the hungry canine take a bit of his boot.

After playtime, Frech tries again to scare off the coyote, so he won't bother other humans (both for their safety and the safety of the coyote) when that fails he simply turns his back and walks away.

Would you turn your back on a hungry wild animal? Watch the video and let us know if you'd be this brave!

*Note: Some Adult language.

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