Crack Into The World's First Solid Chocolate Easter Egg


Crack Into The World's First Solid Chocolate Easter Egg

From hollow Easter egg chocolates, to ones stuffed with cream, toys and candy, this time of year store shelves are stocked with your favorite sweet treats.

Whether you love dark, milk, white or those amazing crispy chocolate bunnies, Easter is that time of year that every choco-holic looks forwards to.

If you have noticed that with every Easter chocolate package you open, there is surprising less chocolate than you expected, this new chocolate egg is for you!

The Solid Chocolate Company has created an Easter egg which is made out of 42 pieces of solid chocolate.

They come in a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark and caramel.

Made from fine Belgian chocolate they cost approximately $31, but any chocolate lover will not be disappointed!

The egg is divided into segments that fit together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, so that you will have no problem chowing down on this delicious treat.

"If you love chocolate, or love someone who loves chocolate, then this is a rather ingenious idea," The Solid Chocolate Company writes on their website.

Hand me a piece, because we agree!