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6 Criminals Who Were Somehow Dumber Than We Thought Possible

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Sometimes you get criminal masterminds who are able to carry out intrepid jewelry heists, or make off with millions of dollars in cash, all to outwit the police and stay on the run, forever getting away with the perfect crime.

Then, you get these guys.

No Cutting In Line

Two police officers were genuinely taken aback when a man cut in front of them to demand the money from the till at a local coffee shop. After a moment of realization, the officers (in full uniform) arrested the offender and probably had some blunt questions about his eyesight capabilities!

It's All French To Me

When a distraught woman called the police after her jewelry went missing, she was in tears over the missing heirlooms, broken window and totaled home. Officer Meharu at the scene did his best to calm her down, and when her father called he could tell she was more relaxed. Too relaxed, perhaps. She began speaking in French to her father about the elaborate scam that she almost got away with. Officer Meharu was fluent in six languages, and yes, French was one of them.

Return to Sender

In Germany, a bank thief was so impressed with himself that he couldn't help but taunt the police that were trying desperately to track him down. Sending email after email, he corrected details of the crime, giving vague hints at his real identity, and was laughing at them...right up until they traced his email address and threw him in jail!

Many criminals are caught because they made some small error along the way, but for these hoodlums, it was obviously down to their own (shall we say?) intellectual capabilities!

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