Japan's "Handsome" Gorilla Draws Crowds Of Admirers From Around The World

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Japan's "Handsome" Gorilla Draws Crowds Of Admirers From Around The World

When we say that animals are "just like us" it normally means that they're clever or silly, but a gorilla at a Japanese zoo is being compared to a human for a much different reason.

Born in Australia's Taronga Zoo but raised at the Higashiyama Zoo in Japan since 2007, Shabani has become world-famous over the past few years for his good looks, which his fans say rival any male model on the planet.

You have to admit there's something almost creepy about how much this gorilla looks like a person, but visitors at the zoo love his brooding appearance and glamorous poses.

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Since people have discovered this handsome ape, the zoo has seen an surge of visitors hoping to get a look at him up close.

Specifically, they say a number of young women come to the zoo to see the gorilla, who they call an ikemen, or handsome man.


The zoo says that it's not unusual to see dozens of people crowded around Shabani's enclosure, but this superstar animal has no interest in his admirers.

Shabani is happily paired up with not one but two lady gorillas, and he even has a pair of sons. But that hasn't stopped people from comparing him to hunky celebrities like George Clooney.


What do you think? Is this gorilla as handsome as people say?

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